The use and benefits of podcasting: a beginners guide

Listening to your favorite radio programs and watching videos at your own time convenience has made easier and accessible brought by many internet platforms software in the digital world today. The podcast is one of the platforms that provide easy access by downloading music or videos into your own device. The files were sent in an audio, PDF, or ePub format. Aside from music, you can also access and share your informative vodcast by hosting your own podcast.How to go over all about this podcasting will be discussed briefly below.


How to start up with podcasting?

For ease access offline, you can save the downloaded files to your phone by downloading a podcatcher application software compatible with your device. Mostly, for the iPhone users the app is already pre-installed, but for those who do not, it can be downloaded from google play free and easy or get the highly recommended one in cash. Just see to it you choose the app with a wide, clear, and easy to control interface. Once done and subscribed, you are now just a few click away to use the platform using iTunes for iPhones and music player for most Android phones.

Listening offline using computers is easy as to follow almost the same procedure when installing and downloading with phones.Instead of podcatcher, a podcast manager needs to be downloaded to your computer in order to convert files from a certain URL to MP3 format. Unlike cellphones, the computer will allow you to search more podcasts you want and save it to your own files for offline listening.

After done downloading and saving podcast manager and podcatcher and have settled to own self-hosted podcast, you just need to have an internet access, recording equipment, and a topic to be shared to reach your targeted audience online.

microphone phone and keyboard

Why go for podcasting?

Apart from personal entertainment and source of information, podcasting is one of the strategies used by some people in marketing in order to highlight programs like Disney events and updates. Disney podcasts you should listen to give more information and a concrete example of how podcasting goes into the whole process of informing people and audiences about Disney updates. It is through this podcasting where avid listeners can get information or an invitation to visit the Disney page and book for a visit.

Still in marketing purpose, though the end target of podcasting is to drive costumers in order to get sales, this method helps the entrepreneur to promote the product in a less obvious way of advertising it.

What to podcast?

In order to produce a quality and interesting podcast, everything must be into organizing plan. Choose a topic that has a niche to drive listeners. The content must be well-written and rehearsed before doing the recording. Of course, you must have a precise good tone of voice when reading the content during the recording. Files can be saved on your desktop and be checked ready to upload online.…