Ways to Save Money When Chartering a Yacht

A vacation with a yacht is certainly not a traveling plan that can be done with a tight budget because there will always be extra expenses that follow. However, it does not mean that there are no tricks to save you more money during the voyage.

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Get the Right Charter Company

It is the perfect example of how a yacht charter company is supposed to be. Second, get in touch with the company’s representative in person. Only calling and sealing the deal without ever directly seeing anyone from the yacht rental is risky. The chances are that you won’t get what you’ve been expecting.

Third, ask for referrals. Most people are reluctant to do this as they feel it is unnecessary and can get them on bad terms with the rental. Actually, it is your very right as a paying client. Reviews and testimonies alone are not enough since they are vulnerable to manipulation.

Fourth, show the rental company that you want to document your experience on their boat. If they’re active on social media, add their accounts. By doing this, you can get some sorts of guarantee from their obligation to maintain their online reputation.

Choose the Small Crewed Boat

a yacht deckContrary to what you may have thought before, chartering a yacht and navigate it yourself will cost you more than if you rent it with a crew. At a glance, the first option seems like the most reasonable one to save money, but in reality, you will need an extra budget for the onboard catering, cleaning, and bartending. Needless to mention, if any engine issues occur on the boat, and you are the only person who knows your way around boating, the whole trip and other passengers can be at risk. Boat crew members are trained for emergencies, and if you have them with you, your safety will be better assured.

However, remember that this strategy can save you more money if you rent a yacht with a capacity of 10 passengers. If you go with a boat bigger than that, the expenses will be much higher as well.

Be Clear with Your Itinerary

Chartering a yacht can be ridiculously expensive if you are not clear with your destinations since before you set sail. It is true that the most exceptional feature of renting a yacht is its custom destinations. Nevertheless, if you do not research things in advance, the docking alone can cost you anywhere from $500 to $600 per night. And that is precisely the fee you must pay if you choose to stop in the Mediterranian.

If you have no experience, it is highly advisable if you consult the charter company first to get an estimated cost of your trip. Don’t let your pride get the best of you!…